Better than 90% of the brain’s output is directed towards maintaining your body in its gravitational field. Therefore, the less energy one spends on one’s posture, the more energy is available for healing, digestion and thinking.
— Roger Sperry, 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research


You are not a stack of bones balanced atop each other like a tower, but more like a balloon which holds its shape in perfect tension or a position of tensegrity. The body is perfectly created to run efficiently when it’s in balance and this position is the platform for health. Without this balanced, up and open posture, the body cannot heal itself inside and out, and optimal health cannot be realized.

In a position of tensegrity, the body’s cells, tissues, organs, joints, muscles and nerves work in perfect harmony to create health and wellness. If this harmony is disrupted through injury or stress, the body will attempt to heal itself or adapt to its new condition by compensating. Unfortunately, it can only compensate for so long before pain and disease set in. This is your body’s way of telling you it’s in trouble and needs help.

Postural distortion always precedes disease.

Imbalance shows up with one leg being longer or shorter, one hip lower or higher, twisting of the body framework, muscular imbalance, abnormal movement, and over time, progressive wear and tear. If distortions are not corrected, the long-term effect is degeneration of that part of the body serviced by restricted messages, resulting in mild to severe pain, lowered resistance to illness, behavioral changes, organ dysfunction, loss of mobility in limbs, and ultimately disease.

The QSM3 protocol is the only healthcare approach that takes the tensegral view of the body and accurately correct the interference between the brain and the body for the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION of life’s vital healing energy.