When the body is aligned, it regains its up and open position and health flourishes from the inside out.

During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury. It typically takes 4 weeks for the muscles to gain a new memory and up to 20 weeks for new neurological patterns to develop.

Structural changes depend on the extent of the injury and how long you've had the misalignment. It is typical to need care 8 to 10 times in the first 4 weeks, 4 to 8 times per month for 5-12 weeks and 2 to 4 times the following 6-8 months.

The course of your treatment is dependent on your overall health, severity of your problem and the amount of stress in your life. Regular exercise will also help decrease the frequency of visits.

Once your body begins to hold its correction for an extended period of time, you begin to recognize when you're in & out of alignment, which helps you to determine when you need to get adjusted. Your health and wellness are our top priority.