The Insight™ "Subluxation Station" 

The INSiGHT™ provides you a comprehensive picture of your patient’s neurospinal health with the COREscore.

When used together, these chiropractic instruments can detect hidden patterns of stress and tension, shedding a light on internal changes in the body. By establishing a baseline and identifying potential problem areas, the INSiGHT™ technologies help chiropractors determine the most effective path when caring for each patient. 

High Frequency Digital X-rays

NUCCA and Upper Cervical spinal corrections depend upon precise mathematical calculations, physics and biomechanics. Laser aligned X-rays are a critical part of ensuring your spinal correction is accurate and successful. Every effort is made to keep X-ray exposure to a minimum, including the use of state-of-the-art High Frequency Digital X-ray and various lead filters. The doctor will take X-rays from three different angles focusing on the skull, atlas and spine. These x-rays determine the direction, rotation and degree of spinal misalignment. This tool allows the doctor to determine how to properly balance your spine. The initial spinal pictures help the doctor determine precisely how to make the proper correction.