10-Month Old: No More Ear Infections

Four ear infections, 6 weeks of sleepless nights, sick, cranky days, lack of appetite and fever led my husband and me to hours of conversations with friends finding out what options we had to care for our 10-month old son. Upon recommendation of several friends, we pursued chiropractic care through Dr. Chavez. Through his care, including adjustments, health suggestions and personal experience, my son has been happier and totally healthy for over 6 weeks. We are so grateful for Dr. Chavez and his awesome staff for guiding us toward health and happy living! Thanks!

Jen O.

Severe Neck and Back Pain

Initially I came in for back and neck pain. I have been to chiropractors and other alternative medicine [practitioners] before for back pain. I found a difference with Vita Nova, however. The mission of education and empowerment to making healthy life decisions makes the difference. Starting those changes in decisions starts with the foundational belief and trust in God’s will and power to heal.  Having such a strong and comforting foundation has made it more compelling to take the steps needed toward a healthier life, especially because it takes time to heal and it takes time to change life choices for myself and my family. My physical changes are a testament to the time it takes and the natural order of the body and God’s timing. I started with Vita Nova after experiencing many months of pain from past injuries and some discouragement. A relatively short 5 months after my first adjustment and now expecting my 3rd child, my mind and body are beginning to be more intentional and healthier, evidenced by physical well being and my desire to continue to learn more about how to make myself and my family healthier in not only body, but also in mind and spirit. Thank you for starting an important education process.

Lexie C.

Back Pain

I first visited Vita Nova Spinal Care a little over a year ago. When I sat down in Dr. Chavez's office, I nearly broke down in tears as I shared the frustrating journey that I had been on in pursuit of finding lasting health and proper spinal alignment for three years. 

I had spent more money & more time than I cared to recall, chasing what felt like an ever-elusive goal of living life free from back pain. Being an athletic, vivacious 33-year-old, I was especially distraught at how difficult it had been for me to find a method of back care that seemed to "fit" me. I had tried traditional chiropractics as well as network spinal analysis, and both had relieved my pain temporarily, but neither method had led to relief that lasted.

I decided to give NUCCA chiropractic a try, and I am so thankful that I did.

Now I can go for days or weeks without needing an adjustment and without feeling a stabbing pain in my back. And I can participate in all of the forms of exercise which I so enjoy, without experiencing misalignment of my spine. 

It should also be noted that I had never felt entirely at ease in any of my former chiropractic & spinal network analysis offices on a spiritual level, but I have always felt completely at peace when at Vita Nova. I believe that healing happens at Vita Nova Spinal Care for those who are open to it, and I would highly recommend the office to anyone who is searching for wholeness & health in their body.


Headaches and Back Pain

When I met Dr Chavez, I had given up hope. I had given up on life. I had given up on me. Headaches and back pain ravaged me. Everyone thought I was always angry. In reality, I was slipping into a depression as my pain consumed me. Medical doctors only treated the symptoms, not the cause. My traditional chiropractor suggested that she could no longer help me, but continued to treat the symptoms.

I was skeptical about NUCCA, but I had nothing to lose. Dr Chavez and his staff were warm and friendly—I felt as though we had known each other for years! Everything was explained to me, answering many questions before I even asked. ...And still I was skeptical. How could this doctor do what so many had not been able to? The proof was in the pudding: with my very first adjustment, my 5+ year headache went away. And it has not returned! Within no time, I realized I could bend over and tie my shoes. I could go on long, leisurely walks. I could sit through meetings. I could play with my kids at the park. I could work in the garden. And I could do it without tears in my eyes.

Thank you Vita Nova Spinal Care. You gave me hope. You have given me back my life.

Andra L. Cirbo
age 41

Daily Headaches, Runner’s Knee and Sleep Apnea

Dr. Chavez, do I ever owe you one ginormous thank you!

I met you one year ago. At that time, I had been suffering with head aches for nearly 24 years, daily. After being in a serious car accident and surviving a major head injury, I had been getting headaches almost every day since March of 1987. I have seen medical doctors, who never could do anything more than give me pain relievers. This medicine was never of any help. I have seen a few different chiropractors over the years, some of which did help—temporarily…

After meeting you and having my initial x-ray you discovered a small but some what concerning misalignment with my atlas and soon began focusing all of your attention here. With other chiropractors, I went through the full spinal manipulation, with all the popping and cracking a number of times, with no relief whatsoever. What you did and have been doing to this one area at the bottom of my neck has been completely different. I can remember thinking after my first treatment, "this will never work". I felt that you barely did anything. I can also remember after my first week of treatment thinking those hands of yours must be magic. Not only were my headaches gone, they have been gone for an entire year! You have cleared up my runner's knee on my right knee, balanced out my shoulders, hips, and legs (that I had no idea were not even). And I'm convinced you’re the reason that I have been able to put away my CPAP machine—as my sleep apnea (which I was diagnosed with a year and a half go) is gone as well.

Did I say Thank you? I'm sure there are a number of things that are happening deep inside of me that are going right since I've been seeing you, as I feel so much better these days.

Thank you for a renewed life!
Tim K.

A Pleasant Surprise

When it came time to fill out my re-evaluation form, I found myself circling the highest numbers regarding how well I was currently feeling in specific parts of my body. This was such an amazing improvement from before I started receiving NUCCA chiropractic care quite recently! It dawned on me how much better I was doing, especially in my neck, shoulders, and back, since coming in to Vita Nova Spinal Care. Gone were the everyday aches and, often, agonizing pain in these areas. As I reflected on the model of care that Dr. Chavez employs, I realized that his approach is more holistic and thorough in nature than what I had previously experienced elsewhere. From the beginning, he counseled me on the role that nutrition, lifestyle choices, and stretches would contribute to my healing process. Also, he takes time to listen to any thoughts I may share and answers any questions that I have. Further, he ensures that I am doing well and have received the best care before I leave his office. This is truly a chiropractic practice that makes their patients their top priority. Thank you, Vita Nova.


Hormone Troubles Relieved; Children’s Conditions Improved!

I came to see Dr. Chavez in August 2010 after suffering for 5 months with extreme hormone troubles. I could not sleep and I was often anxious and depressed. I really could no longer function. I received relief within a few treatments and now my sleep is wonderful and so is life.

My whole family receives care at Vita Nova and it has been a great experience. My oldest son had unexplained chest pains and could not write due to an accident to his hand. Both of those problems have disappeared.

My youngest son has a blood condition and was frequently on steroids. Since beginning chiropractic care he has not needed them.

We are all sick much less often, whereas in the past we would be sick every few weeks. I am very grateful to God that we have been able to meet Dr. Chavez and for all the compassionate care he has given us.

Rachel F.

Child’s Chronic Ear Infections & Constipation, and Mother’s Chronic Neck Pain & Headaches

Tired of your children getting constant ear infections and seemingly endless rounds of antibiotics?

Four months ago, my then 12-month old was on her 4th round of antibiotics (3 ear infections and 1 Urinary Tract Infection) and I became sick to my stomach when I thought I may have to give her another round of antibiotics if she contracted another ear infection, so I began investigating other options…I admit that I have always been skeptical of chiropractic care. I had always heard that if you go once, you may feel some relief for a short period of time, but you quickly end up where you began.

I found out about Dr. Mario Chavez who practices NUCCA chiropractic medicine. This is a different chiropractic care than what I had expected. This type of chiropractic care focuses on the atlas bone (in adults and children), which is the top-most vertebrae on your spine. The theory is, that if he adjusts that single vertebrae, every other vertebrae follows suit and adjusts itself. My daughters (4 and now 16-months) have had recurring ear infections and my oldest daughter was consistently constipated. Since going to Dr. Chavez (for 4 months), my daughter now poops 1-2 times per day, when before she would go one time every 3-4 days.

She has also not been sick AT ALL. My youngest was running a fever this week and I expected another ear infection. I brought her immediately to see Dr. Chavez and he adjusted her. Again, with the adjustment, her fever and symptoms were gone the next morning.

I have also been seeing Dr. Chavez because I had MAJOR neck/shoulder pain and daily headaches. I am an architect and sit at my desk drawing most of the day. My pain is now gone. I HIGHLY recommend this business!

E. Adams

Total Transformation at 59 Years – Lower Back and Sciatica!

I have had lower back and sciatica problems, and I was experiencing numbness down my arms and hands. I have now seen Dr. Mario for a little over six months and the numbness down my arm and hands has decreased significantly because of the treatments and the pillow that I use twice a day. My lower back has not gone out of alignment since I started the treatments. I also have been eating natural foods and went to the anti-fungal diet seminar that Dr. Chavez provides for his clients. It is a total transformation. I feel better, I’m eating better, and I feel like I have a new life at 59 years old.

Thank you so much.

Pam N.

Leg and Hip Pain

Before coming to Dr. Chavez, I had aching in both legs and hips. It was to the point where people were commenting about how painful it was to watch me walk down the hall at work. One of my co-workers suggested I see a chiropractor and recommended Dr. Chavez. She explained the technique he uses and how it helped her cover from an injury she had. I was enormously skeptical but saw how the treatment had helped her.

I have been seeing Dr. Chavez for a month now and there is considerable improvement. Most of the achiness is gone in the legs and hips and my posture has improved. I'm now more focused on how I walk and feel better doing it. Along with the treatments, he has served as a motivational coach to improve my overall being. I look forward to every visit.


Husband and Wife Receive Great Changes from NUCCA!

In the last 10 years, I have been to 6 chiropractors in 3 different states and have FINALLY found one that really works, Dr. Mario Chavez and the NUCCA technique! The first appointment at Vita Nova, I was quite impressed. The receptionist introduced herself, asked if I would like some hot tea or water, made me comfortable in the waiting area and informed me that Dr. Chavez would see me soon. When my time came to be seen, Dr. Chavez explained exactly what he was doing and why, what the plan of care would be, and then he told me to “rest”. He took me to the most relaxing reclining chair and told me to think of the best moment in my life as I listened to the soothing Gregorian chant and did nothing for 10 minutes! Who does that?!

Previous chiropractors always popped and cracked this area or that area on my spine and I always left the office with a pounding headache. One of them was such a large man, I thought he was going to crush my spine at times! The NUCCA technique and Dr. Mario are so gentle AND effective—I can tell a huge difference immediately! With my first NUCCA adjustment, I didn’t think he was doing anything because it was such a soft touch with a little pressure, but as I stood up, the aches and pains in my neck and lower back were practically gone!

Dr. Chavez has also drastically improved my husband’s (Luke) chronic sports injuries to his shoulder, collar bone and knee. Luke had knee and shoulder surgery and also broke his collar bone—all on the same side of his body. As a result, he often got knots in his shoulder which hindered full-range of motion in his shoulder/neck, and also pain in his hip. After Luke’s first NUCCA adjustment, he regained full-range of motion and the pain was gone! In addition, he was very impressed with Dr. Mario’s goal of trying to have the adjustment hold and not needing to come in every week. This proved to Luke that Dr. Mario truly cares about the well being of his patients and tries to educate them to obtain the level of health that they desire.

That is another big reason why I love Vita Nova—because they care. Dr. Mario is always sincere and genuinely cares for me as a person, not just as another patient. He asks how my family is doing, how I am eating and making sure I am getting enough nutrients to be as healthy as I can. He cares enough to troubleshoot and come up with a solution if anything is off in my overall health. It is wonderful that Dr. Mario gives truly holistic care, encouraging patients not only to receive chiropractic care but also to receive the best nutrition through good food choices and supplementation and to relax the body and the mind through rest and sleep.

The receptionist is the face of Vita Nova, and how perfectly she fits the office! Her smile and her joy are contagious as you walk into the office and greeted by her kindness. She always works as best as she can to get an appointment time that is best for my crazy schedule. My children love going to the chiropractor. The office has many toys and books and even a DVD player that could entertain my kids for quite a while. You know a place is family friendly when they have entertainment for kids! At times, my daughter needs a little encouragement to get checked out and the staff and Dr. Mario are very encouraging with their words and use stickers as a reward. Dr. Chavez has even adjusted my kids in the waiting room so that shows his flexibility and his ability to roll with the punches!

So there are the many reasons why Vita Nova, the NUCCA technique, and Dr. Mario are the BEST out there for chiropractic care!

Chronic Headaches

When I first heard of Vita Nova, I was with my dad at a golf show. We were just looking around when we stopped at this booth. I told Dr. Mario Chavez that I get headaches, so he looked at me and the next thing you know, I am visiting him at his spinal care office.

Every time I go there, I get better. He has really changed my life. Before [Vita Nova] I couldn’t do a lot of stuff with friends and family. My headaches would last for over 7 hours.  After his treatments, I get fewer headaches and they don’t last as long anymore.

Thanks Dr. Mario Chavez for changing my life!

Michelle M.

Beyond Pain: Improved Golf and Life!

I first saw Dr. Chavez at the Colorado Golf Expo in Feb 2011. Like any avid golfer, I was intrigued by the possibility of improving my golf game. The results I have experienced have gone way beyond just improving my golf game! In fact, I have noted results that I never dreamed of. After just one adjustment, I was amazed. About 30 minutes after my first adjustment, I noticed a relaxed feeling in my shoulders that I could not remember ever feeling before. About one and half hours after that adjustment, I felt this incredible sense of well-being. The day after my first adjustment, I worked without pain for the first time in almost 2 years. I also noticed that general aches which I thought were from just getting older (I am 49) were gone! I had been getting traditional chiropractic care for over 2 years with good to moderate, but short-lived results.  

I titled this testimonial beyond pain for a reason—after my third adjustment I noticed increased stamina and energy, a benefit I had not expected! In fact, my husband, who has been dealing with neck pain for more than 2 years and had taken steroids, but wouldn’t do chiropractic care, was so impressed with the results I saw from my first adjustment that he is now seeing Dr. Chavez and has excellent results. At 6 weeks into my treatment, I still saw results that I had not expected. No more chronic pain, improved sleep and mood, thicker hair and better nail growth, and significant improvement in my ability to workout. I have a Bowflex and I have noticed that I am able to push myself harder. In February 2010, I bought an elliptical and worked my way up to 90 minutes, 3 times a week. In May 2010, I got a tear in my left calf muscle, which did not require significant medical intervention, but required that I cut back on my time on my elliptical. My muscle gradually got better but never returned to full strength despite ultrasound treatments to break up scar tissue. I was never able to go beyond 45 minutes. After my fourth NUCCA adjustment, I noticed my calf muscle feeling stronger. I asked Dr. Chavez about this and he talked to me about “re-tracing,” I am happy to report that I am now up to 80 minutes and I fully expect to reach 90 minutes soon. I have not golfed enough this year to know if having NUCCA adjustments will help my score, but I can say this—I golfed 18 holes two days in a row in early March 2010 after not golfing for almost 6 months and it felt so much easier in my set up and swing then it had since I first started golfing in 2007. I did not experience any aches and pains and I was not exhausted after each game for the first time in a couple of years. Something more of note regarding my golf game—I started golfing with experienced golfers and was told more than once that I was dropping my right shoulder. After seeing Dr. Chavez, I found out that my right shoulder was dropped due to my misalignment. One other thing that I was told was that I needed to relax—I was too tense. Well, of course that was because my body was not in alignment and did not move easily. As much as I loved golf, it was work for me. Now it is not—at least not from a physical standpoint.

A little about me: I have been a nurse for 26 years. My work experience has taught me to respect so called “alternative therapies.” I say this because I have seen patients who take many prescriptions medications; often times it is because when one medication is started, shortly after that a medication to counter the side effects of the first medication is needed. I recognize that anytime the body can act to heal itself is always better then medical intervention. It made perfect sense to me when Dr. Chavez talked about the body being in its optimal state of health; it’s a basic nursing concept.

In closing there are a couple of things I would like to add. I am no longer looking at the short-term results of NUCCA. I am thinking about the long-term. I expect that as long as I live, I will be in an optimal state of health. I will have the ability to play golf, workout and spend quality time with my husband, children and grandchildren. Whatever your goals, NUCCA may be able to help. It is my sincere hope that everyone I know and love gets a NUCCA evaluation. I am doing my best to get the information out to them. If you are reading this, I congratulate you on your first step to healthy future!

Good health and blessings to you,

Kelly R.

Improved Balance

Over the last 12 weeks, I have learned about the importance of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and how it fits into overall fitness.

My personal trainer recommended I get NUCCA care with Dr. Chavez. I have noticed a big change in my overall fitness and energy level. When I started, I was overweight, felt sluggish and tired, and had a very sore back and knees. During early workouts, I had difficulty completing many of the exercises and I had trouble with my balance. Getting NUCCA care with Dr. Chavez corrected my balance, which allowed my trainer to work with me in a corrective way.

I have learned how to stretch, and reactivate muscles that I have not used in years, and with proper alignment of my neck, this caused my aches and pains to leave. I have lost 14 pounds of fat, and I feel much more energetic. I am able to balance much better, and there has been a change in my posture and I can now complete exercises that I was unable to when I first started.

I have learned a completely new way to workout. This has been an exciting and challenging journey!

Barry Travis

Instability & Balance Issues

I applaud the work of Dr. Mario Chavez, D.C.. The craft of this NUCCA practitioner continues to amaze me. For 41 years of my life, I have been under the impression that my legs were uneven due to a motorcycle accident. Decades of instability, awkward balance, inserts and lifts added to my shoes offered no clear lasting answer to my problem. During the teenage years, young adult and mature women phases of life, I have been under chiropractic care. An untold number of alternative practices dented my pocketbook and failed to provide lasting relief.

After two treatments from the Vita Nova Spinal Care, P.C., I marveled with the comprehensive attention and spontaneous respite I experienced. Last July, I was able to receive weekly treatments that expiated the healing process. After that, I have been able to travel the 8-hour round-trip once a month. A small entourage shares the carpool at this time. Currently, I am in the tenth month of treatment. The progress is amazing! My neck, shoulders, and legs are aligned. Furthermore, Dr. Chavez’s adjustments hold for four weeks.

My spirit soars with the possibility of restored health. Thank you sincerely.

Cynthia R.

Fibromyalgia—Young Woman’s Life Changed Forever

Fibromyalgia. I was in my senior year high school, a year that was meant for success, celebration and enjoyment, but instead was filled with severe pain, seclusion and loneliness. I rarely could attend school and was lucky if I could ever get out of bed for days. I would wake up, literally shaking, in pain. I had been to doctor after doctor, but none seemed to help. Most only lead to worsening symptoms. My memory was fading rapidly, the pain increasing, and my hope diminishing . . . until my mom found Dr. Chavez. I had my obvious doubts after reading what it was all about and also after my first adjustment but soon after . . . I started to see improvement. This was the first time, in a long time, that my hope was restored that someday I would be out of pain. I continued to come to Dr. Chavez and before I knew it, my pain was less, my memory was returning and so was my joy. Dr. Chavez changed my life forever and I can’t wait to see the breathtaking things that he will continue to do for this world and the people in it.

Kristina H.

Goodbye Medications – Migraines Disappear with NUCCA Care

I have been going to Vita Nova Spinal Care since the beginning of January 2012. The results I’ve had from Dr. Chavez’s prognosis and adjustments in this short time I’ve been going have been nothing short of amazing.

I have had migraines for 16 years, which I thought I had handled when I finally managed to reduce them to once a month. Last year I was in two car accidents, one in which I was a pedestrian hit by a car. I received several broken bones and a Traumatic Brain Injury from these. Since then, I’ve had severe neck and back pain, I’ve been constantly tired, and my migraines have increased from one per month to one at least every other day. Since the accidents, I’ve been in physical therapy with several specialists including manual therapy, trigger point, and exercises to name a few. I had massages about twice a month to help ease my pain. I even tried acupuncture. None of these had any lasting effect on my issues. I’ve been on some medications, such as Flexeril for muscle pain, Propranolol to try and decrease the severity and frequency of my headaches, Tylenol and Advil. None of these medications made any dent in my symptoms. I can’t take narcotics, as I’m allergic to most of them, so my choice in pain killers was limited. The only medicine that worked was Sumatriptan to counteract the migraines when I got them. However, my insurance only covered 9 pills a month, so after the first 9 days, I was out of luck for help with even that.

Dr. Chavez was recommended to me by Denver Options.  As I had tried everything else, I decided to give him a shot, expecting no lasting results. I was impressed with the amount of effort his office puts into just finding the cause of the problem with his patients. Once this was done and I had my first treatment I thought, “That was it? Hmmm… Ok.” Though I didn’t see a result the minute I left the office, I did notice that I slept better that night and the next two days I had no migraines, so I continued to see him.

A month later, I have much more energy than I have had in the past year. I have even been able to take on more responsibilities at work, without any ill side effects. Outside of work, I have been able to come home and do stuff with my family, instead of lounging on the couch because I was so exhausted. My boyfriend has said that my complaining about my neck pain has almost come to a stop. I don’t take any medications for this now, as it really has decreased dramatically. The most amazing thing I noticed is that my migraines are almost non-existent now. This was one thing that was a “hopeful” for me when I started, but I certainly did not expect any kind of effect, as I have never been able to fix them in the past. My headaches have decreased from one per day to maybe one per week. The frequency of these are decreasing as I continue to see Dr. Chavez. The severity of the headaches I do get now has become more manageable now. When I get a headache now, I can rest or simply take Tylenol and it will go away. I haven’t been able to use over the counter drugs for headaches for at least 10 years.

Thank you for providing this great service!!

Heather K.

Finally a solution after decades of pain

I was dragged by a friend to Vita Nova Spinal Care—I was having another flare-up of back pain (a pain that I had for decades) that radiated to my leg and foot.

Over the years I had tried acupuncture, medication, gym memberships, physical therapy, and massage. Some treatment modalities gave me temporary relief. Others gave me nothing but an emptier wallet. I also had had a previous encounter with a chiropractor, and it was one that left me in more pain, not less.

So with great trepidation and skepticism, I had my first appointment. There was no cracking, twisting, pulling, or sudden movements...just a gentle, soft pressure to my cervical spine. To my dismay, the pain subsided that day. Amazing to me was that the back pain was actually due to cervical spinal problems.

A year later, I am pain free most of the time. When I do start having discomfort, I go directly to Vita Nova for an adjustment. Voila! I walk out of the office pain-free once again. And I am learning to recognize when I am getting out of alignment—then I preempt the pain and get an adjustment before any discomfort.

I am now a convert to chiropractic care, or at least the kind Dr. Chavez does at Vita Nova.

Terry Andrews
Englewood, CO

Occupational Therapist Gains Peace of Mind

I would like to sincerely thank you for providing me the opportunity to type this letter to you, and I mean literally! Months ago, I questioned my future to complete such a simple task as typing.

Eight months ago, I started having pains, numbness and tingling in both of my legs and arms as well as headaches and mild dizziness. As an Occupational Therapist, I was well aware that this was not normal, nor a good sign. My doctor told me he needed to rule out MS and Lupus among other auto-immune diseases. I was quickly confronted with numerous doctor’s appointments, blood tests, and an MRI of my brain—which I completed with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  Fortunately, these tests all came back fine. At the time, my doctor was recommending further tests and seemed rather baffled as to why I would have numbness and tingling in all four extremities if it were related to my spine.

Throughout that difficult time, I was convinced that no matter what the diagnosis, it was going to mean incredible difficulties for my family. My husband had been out of work and I was the primary bread winner. Not to mention my most important job, mommy to our 8 year old daughter. I certainly did not have time to be sick for 2 weeks, let alone a lifetime. My anxiety was through the roof and I could not sleep.

Frustrated with traditional medicine, I finally broke down and followed a friend’s recommendation to see Dr. Chavez. Honestly, I was very skeptical that he would be able to help me. I had never been a big “believer” in Chiropractic services after hearing not-so-positive stories over the years. WOW! I could not have been more wrong. I drug my feet in committing to a treatment plan and was just willing to give myself time to try few treatments. Within in those treatments I was 80% tingle-free, no headaches and no dizziness! I agreed to my treatment plan and can now happily say I am 95% “cured” of my tingling and continue to have no headaches or dizziness. I now know the stories I had heard regarding chiropractic services, were not related to NUCCA or to Dr. Chavez.

I can’t thank you enough for how much better I feel physically, but also for giving me back my peace of mind.

Tammi F.


Six months ago I was desperate, suffering a severe case of insomnia. My insomnia, sleepless and restless nights, had begun years ago, I didn't want to remember how long ago. Last September, I had new classes to teach, new schedule, and I was worrying about everything. Therefore, no sleep. One morning, I went out walking around Geneva Park pond in Littleton, one of my usual walks. I was glad to be outside, but felt afraid. Nights were getting worse. I walked around the pond, and on my way back, I began to pray...that God would help me. Walking back home on Prince Street, I saw Dr. Chavez's office building. I had been there before with my daughter (once his patient) and her little boy. Without thinking, without deciding, I crossed the street and walked into his office. And that is how I began to sleep, feel less fear, less worry, less threatened by life and its obligations. I ended up having a consultation and chiropractic treatment (which I am still following)—and it has changed my life! I can now enjoy things, and my nights. I sleep. Some nights I might still wake up, but the fear of not going back to sleep has gone, I go back to sleep, and don't worry about the next day's activities or if I will I be able to handle them. 

So, thank you Dr. Chavez for being there, and doing what you do, and thank the reception desk for being so welcoming. 

I wish everyone who has similar problems would go and see Dr. Chavez, and I hope my short story helps and encourage those in need.

5 months of care

Anxiety, Depression & General Hormone Imbalance

I began suffering from severe symptoms due to hormonal imbalance in March of last year: anxiety, insomnia, depression, dizziness. Sometimes I felt I was having a heart attack and was going to die, sometimes I just wished I would die because I felt too horrible. I tried lots of remedies and nothing seemed to help. Finally I was told I was going to have to go on drugs. I really didn't want to do this but didn't know what I should do instead. Just when I was at this point, I found some information about Vita Nova Spinal Care at my church. I didn't have much hope about this but I needed to try something. From the first meeting with Dr. Chavez, I was very impressed by his knowledge and care for his patients. Immediately following my first treatment, I began to feel better. I can now live my life again. I am very grateful to Dr. Chavez for all he has done for me and for my family.

My sixteen year old son had a variety of problems—one leg seemed to be shorter than the other, his posture was bad, and he would get chest pains and sleepless nights. He often lacked energy. He also had a hand which had never really recovered after an accident so he could barely write. Now six months after beginning treatment, all these conditions are greatly improved. It is really like having my son back again and he is very glad that he has been able to come to Vita Nova.

My husband and I are now bringing our whole family to Vita Nova. It is the first time that we can really look forward to going to the doctor. We are very happy to be able to have this opportunity to do something positive to take care of our health.

Rachel F.

Within FIRST Week – Migraines GONE!

Before coming to Vita Nova, I had consistent migraines. I spent a few years working with my physician and neurologist with no relief. Within my first week of seeing Dr. Chavez, my migraines have been gone. I sleep a lot better at night and overall feel much better than before.

Lana K.
5 Months of Care

No more neck pain or ringing ears

I am young and have always considered myself to be fairly healthy. When I was growing up, my mom went to a chiropractor and I would get adjusted when I went to her appointments. As I got older, I stopped going to the chiropractor. My neck, back, and knees would sometimes bother me but, when I went to my previous chiropractor, I only felt better for a couple of days so I did not think it was worth it to see a chiropractor.

I heard about Vita Nova through my boyfriend’s family. His sister was the first one to visit Vita Nova, and eventually his whole family began seeing Dr. Chavez. After hearing so many things and seeing the change in each of their lives, I decided I would see for myself. Since I considered myself to be healthy, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew that my posture was getting worse. My neck would hurt from sitting at my desk at work all day so that was one thing that I was hoping to improve.

After my first adjustment, I was totally amazed. Dr. Chavez is so gentle and the adjustment of the atlas bone seems so minimal. I was thinking “that’s it?” when I left the office but, by the time I got home, I could already tell there was a difference in my neck. Even after my first adjustment, I felt much more balanced.

After a few weeks, I noticed that my ears stopped ringing. That was something that I just dealt with in the past because I didn’t realize there was a way to make it go away. Now it is extremely rare that I get headaches and it is much easier for me to sit at my desk at work because my neck doesn’t bother me.

After my visits, I am motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and practice good habits. I really appreciate that Dr. Chavez focuses on overall health and gives proactive advice. I am repeatedly amazed how seemingly small changes can make such a big difference. Not only is Dr. Chavez an excellent chiropractor, he is a very warm and giving person. I am so glad that I visited Vita Nova and I would recommend Dr. Chavez to anyone.


Rachel W.

Sciatica Relief

I came to Vita Nova with 4-5 months of ongoing chronic glute pain (sciatica) and pain shooting down the back of my leg. Within 4 visits, I would say I started to really notice that the pain was lessening. Now after 5 months I really do not have any of the sharp pain at all. Once in a while, I notice a slight ache that goes away immediately with stretching. I could not run due to this and was not able to do all my workouts. I am able to do them all now. My shoulder is slower as I have a tear, but it is healing. My depression is up and down, but usually I feel better after leaving Vita Nova.

Laura C.
5 months of care

TMJ & Arthritis

I originally came in due to a car wreck, but I had had other issues like TMJ and Arthritis (knee pain/jaw pain). Since receiving treatment at Vita Nova my body has improved incredibly. I no longer get migraines or have major back pains that used to cause me to be less active in my daily life. Now I am exercising regularly and have never felt better! I recommend Vita Nova to everyone!

Jessica T.
6 months of care

New Life

After repeated visits to the chiropractor, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, plus traditional practitioners, I still had no relief from debilitating pain in my shoulder and numbness in my fingers to the point that I could only work for a few hours each day. After just a few visits with Dr. Chavez, my pain went away and I regained full use of my hand. I could not believe that such a gentle adjustment of my spine could help me in such an amazing way.  I now have my life back—pain-free thanks to Dr. Chavez. Without question, I would recommend his services. I feel confident you will enjoy the same benefits that I have and am so thankful that my massage therapist recommended Dr. Chavez to me.

Joanne M.

Boy’s Health Improves with NUCCA Care!

Dr. Chavez has really helped our son’s improvement from a neck injury which occurred a few years ago. Dr. Chavez’s treatments appear to have helped improve our son’s focus, emotional control, balance, and overall physical well-being. Our son responds well to Dr. Chavez and is always willing to have his appointments. He even likes the zero-gravity rest after his treatments, which says a lot, considering he’s a 10 year old boy.

Thank you, Dr. Chavez! We really appreciate your experience and gentleness in working with our sonWe can see a difference!

Holly F.

Woman with Severe Arthritis and Osteoporosis No Longer in Severe Pain!

I am a 65-year-old woman with a history of severe arthritis and osteoporosis. I have had both my knees replaced, a 12-inch rod put in my hip and my right shoulder replaced due to the arthritis. I was scheduled to replace my left shoulder in February 2012. My daughter finally convinced me to see Dr. Chavez, and after a few months of nagging from her I gave in. I was raised to not believe in chiropractors and encouraged not to go to one by my physician.

When I first saw Dr. Chavez I was not expecting any improvement in the pain and discomfort that I dealt with on a daily basis. After my first visit at Vita Nova I was amazed at all the physical and health issues Dr. Chavez was able to treat. After two treatments, not only was I feeling much better but also I had absolutely no pain in my left shoulder that I was told needed to be replaced as I had no cartilage left between the joints. Since my treatments, I have been able to do amazing tasks with my arms that I could not do before. I now can lift my grandchildren, bathe them and play with them with no pain. Before treatments, I would be in pain for days after doing any of this. Nightly, I would put an ice pack on my left shoulder in order to sleep and wake without much pain. Now I can even sleep on my side without a problem. I can’t believe what a difference Dr. Chavez and Vita Nova has made in my life. My happiness has returned since I’m no longer in severe daily pain. I recommend Vita Nova to all my family and friends. Dr. Chavez is my hero.

Cynthia C.

Sore Knees and a Bad Back!

I must say when Dr. Chavez approached me nearly two years ago at the Farmer’s Market I commented to him that this must be providence. His appearance in my life at that time was a God-send.

For many years, I had suffered from sore knees and a bad back off-and-on. My first year in high school, I began seeing a chiropractor which, at that time, was great and truly helped me to have a normal life free from back pain. I realize now it was only temporary. I consistently lived with a sore back, aching muscles and stiffness in my knees. Safe to say that from about the waist down I was a mess. I would claim that a lot of it was due to exercise since I was a child because I always loved biking, walking and hiking. So I just learned to live with it with the excuse that I “had my father’s bones.” From Dr. Chavez, I learned what could have contributed to this dysfunction for so many years.

When I met Dr. Chavez everything changed. He explained to me the science of NUCCA and the atlas bone, and how all the nerves from the brain to the rest of the nervous system pass through the atlas bone. When it is not in its normal position it really affects the communication of the brain to the body for its health and healing.

Dr. Chavez diagnosed my condition and within four months I notice a huge difference in my back and especially my knees. Up till then, they were very stiff and sore to the point where kneeling and bending them was a real effort, which caused pain. I would say within one year I had a great experience of healing and a flexibility that was not there before.

Half-way into my second year of treatment I have certainly improved in my overall health and my desire to work on it. My time with Dr. Chavez has been an invaluable time of learning and education. Learning more about how the body can naturally heal itself if only given a chance and our responsibility to care for our bodies has been invaluable.

I would also like to say that not only have I gained my health and a tremendous healing of my little ole body, but also gained a great friendship with Mario and his lovely wife, Therese. When you arrive for an appointment and you “click” with someone right away, you know you have gained so much more than just a professional relationship between doctor and patient.

Ad multo annos (many years) to Dr. Chavez and Vita Nova!

Parkinson’s Disease

I love and care deeply for Jeff N., a long-time Denver resident and successful real estate lawyer. Jeff was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005. Since his diagnosis, Jeff has tried many medical procedures in addition to the extensive drug therapy typically prescribed to Parkinson’s patients. The procedures included flying to Germany for a stem cell transplant that injected foreign cells directly into his brain stem. Most recently, Jeff underwent a Deep Brain Stimulus (DBS) procedure that implanted an electrical devise into his brain. All these procedures have been a complete failure. Understandably, Jeff had little hope when he became your patient in April of 2011.

Dr. Chavez, you began treating Jeff less than a month ago and his improvements began immediately. Jeff is regaining the strength to hold his head erect. Holding his head more erect, Jeff is recovering the ability to speak loudly enough to be heard and understood. I thank you sincerely for this amazing feat alone. Additional adjustments caused Jeff to lose the pallor and lifeless look to his skin. Understandably, his spirits are soaring as is the spirit of all those who love and care for him as I do.

Dr. Chavez, you possess God’s gift as a healer and are using your gift to allow Jeff’s body to heal. Jeff’s story is a testament to your outstanding care.

Tina G.

Pain from 38 Year Old Injury GONE!

I’ve been in construction all my life, beginning at age 15. Concrete, masonry, swimming pools, heavy highway construction...home building is where my time was spent.

In 1974, I kept a concrete finishing machine from going through a heavy plastic tent in order to save over 2,000 sqare feet of concrete in below 20 degree weather. In doing so, I tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder. The pain has varied from minimal to bad. The pain radiated down my arm, over my shoulder and back. Over the years, I’ve gone to many chiropractors, acupuncturists, and medical doctors. For the last 4 years, the pain in my shoulder and arm has been constant. Pain medications gave me some relief but only dulled the pain and I spent many nights without sleep because of the pain.

In August, 2011, I woke my wife and told her she needed to stay home with me as I was so dizzy I could hardly stand up. She was watching me as I tried to get up off the bed. She said that I collapsed back onto the bed and she feared I’d had a stroke. She took me to our family physician who sent me to the ER fearing I may have indeed had a stroke. In the ER, I was evaluated, given x-rays, CAT scans, and an MRI. The final diagnosis is that I had a case of vertigo. I was told there was no cure and that some medications might help. I was referred back to my family physician. I took the medications prescribed and had various side affects from them. The dizziness continued along with the pain in my shoulder, back, and arm. I went to my regular chiropractor and had no positive results.

Then, Dr. Chavez was recommended to us by way of one of his colleagues in Idaho. When my wife called to make me an appointment, we were told that it would be a week or two out for an appointment. My wife explained the symptoms, the fact that she works full-time and I was watching our 3 year old granddaughter during the day. The receptionist was very understanding and told my wife she’d call if she had a cancellation. To our surprise, we were able to get in later that same week.

Dr. Chavez did his examination and thoroughly explained how skeptical I ought to be in regards to vertigo, as there was so much negative information. Dr. Chavez’s calm demeanor, his absolute conviction concerning NUCCA, and my continued dizziness convinced me to start the regimen he proposed.

After just one month of treatments, my vertigo subsided. I am now 6 months into my treatment  and I’ve had no recurrence of dizziness. But the most amazing thing happened...I  no longer have pain in my arm, shoulder, and back from my 1974 injury. No more pain medication. No more sleepless nights. Thank you, Dr. Chavez!

Gene M.

Dr. Chavez…Thank you for giving me my life back!

I have to admit I was skeptical that any non-surgical procedure would relieve the chronic back-pain that I had been experiencing for almost a year. I had always been very active until I was injured in a ski accident. My diagnosis: herniated discs L4 ,L5, and S1. Prior to seeing Dr. Chavez I had spent months trying to get relief. I had tried “general chiropractic”, physical therapy, acupuncture and two rounds cortisone shots. I met with Dr. Chavez in October 2016 and started treatment immediately. This decision changed my life. Although it wasn’t immediate, I did start noticing a difference each time I went. After several months I was, and still am, 95% pain free. In addition, the support and encouragement from Dr. Chavez and his staff kept me focused and on track. Dr. Chavez cares about his patients. He has recommended supplements (which I now routinely take) and he has educated me on the importance of taking care of my spine on a daily basis. I would and do recommend Dr. Chavez and Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

Megan P.